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Welcome To Your Office. Can I Take Your Order?

McDonald'sAfter an expedition into Arizona wine country I decided to get an early start on my days in San Diego.  It’s 9PM Pacific and the sun is long gone.  Tonight will probably be my first attempt at seeing how comfortably I can sleep in a driver’s seat that I’ve been sitting in all day.  My grand plan for internet access on the road suffered a small hiccup when I came to find that this McDonald’s charges for Wi-Fi.  Personally I think that internet access should be treated as an inalienable right, second only to life, liberty and water.  It’s only $2.99 for two hours, but that adds up.

Traveler’s Note: When a sign says “Next Services 33 Miles” it doesn’t necessarily mean that those services will still be in business.  The following twenty miles were a bit nerve racking.


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