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How can a rice-based beverage smell like citrus fruits?  This is the new question confronting me.  I love these moments – when a beverage is redefined.  The experiences must be sought, and often the attempts lead to disappointment, but the few successes are worth the effort.  In this evening’s case, a cold and snowbound night in St. Louis, the opportunity came in the form of an improptu tasting of new products that will be entering the market in the coming weeks.

A friend of mine has spent a significant amount of time in Japan.  Two weeks ago he brought a saké from his travels to a casual dinner.  That saké became my epitome of the beverage.  Milky, smooth, nutty and clean.  The saké I had this evening expanded the boundaries.  The four examples ranged from a lesser version of my friend’s example, to one near it’s equal, to another that was sweet and pleasant, and finally to the one that declared a spectrum previously inconceivable.

I will post the specifics of the products when I have them.


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