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Wine Away

wine-awayRed wine can be messy – especially if you have a white couch and narcoleptic friends.  A great solution for these stains is a product called Wine Away.  It is an all-natural cleaner from Evergreen Labs made from fruit and vegetable extracts and smells like lemons and limes.  If you apply Wine Away immediately, the spots disappear.


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The Open Wine Bottle – How Long Will It Last?

The short answer – not long at all.  There are measures you can take to extend the life of your wine, all of which cost less than $15.

Oxygen is both friend and foe of the wine drinker.  We swirl wine in our glass to increase the surface area.  This allows oxygen to break down more chemical bonds, which releases the aromatic compounds that we use so many creative words to describe.

After a few hours, the exposure to oxygen ceases to be beneficial for the wine.  If you cut an apple in half and look at it an hour later, you notice that it begins to turn brown.  The same thing is happening to the open bottle of wine.  This results in a different aroma – the fresh fruits smell cooked, the alcohol is more prevalent and it is less complex.  It is not harmful to drink a wine that has been open for days, but it is not very pleasurable either.

This presents an interesting dilemma to the wine drinker who is satisfied after one glass.  Do you let your wine go to waste, or do you drink yourself silly in the interest of getting the most for your money?  There are alternatives.

Some change their buying habits.  Many excellent wines are available in half-bottles.  These have an inherent moderation in them.  The other big plus to the half bottle is the ability to have two different kinds of wine, but doing so at the cost of just one bottle.


For me, the only solution to the problem is the Vacuvin Wine Saver.  It removes the oxygen from the bottle so the wine will keep for quite awhile after being open.  I tend to keep the wine in the refrigerator as well (red and white), but it is the absence of oxygen that is the real key.  I have had wines open over a month that still showed true character when I drank them.

This system also allows you to be a better host.  When I have friends over, I want to show them a bunch of different wines.  This does not mean that I want to finish all those bottles (though it has been known to happen).  With the vacuum system, you can open a wine for the white drinkers and the red drinkers, then have two bottles left to drink at your leisure.  It is especially redeeming when you open an amazing wine that your guest does not appreciate.  More for me!


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