I began this blog two years ago as I left St. Louis.  A journey without a destination lay before me.  In the end, I found a new home on the Central Coast of California on the Monterey Peninsula.

I have been away from writing as I worked to get established in California.  I also studied for and passed the Advanced Level examination of the Court of Sommeliers.  I am ready to return to the keyboard.

As I’ve said in the past, many wine writers and critics declare that they are impartial and the relationships they may have with the wineries have no affect on their judgments of the wines they review.  I make no such claim.  I am not tasting wine in a sterile setting far from the source.  I am surrounded by the vines and people who produced the wines and having a great time among them.  Often wine is as much about the setting as it is about the glass and that is what I intend to convey.

I have studied wine since 2005.   I am an Advanced Level Sommelier and a Certified Wine Educator.  My intent is to write as much as I can about the world of wine and wine education.


2 responses to “Bio

  1. Markos

    I’m proud of you Jeffrey(hope that’s how you spell it)

    I love what I have read and I like the way you propose your perspective in your bio. I’m not the jelous type, so i will just be very happy for you. Sounds and looks like your are living your dream. It was nice to see your face again, even if just in a picture. It struck me. It’s been a while and I look forward to your journeys returning you to the midwest. So your not a Mosselier? ha!

  2. kyle burman

    awesome site jeff! your writing is great. i am truly truly impressed with this blog. good luck with you trip. we look forward to reading about your travels and adventures

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