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Thank You St. Louis

I have decided to leave St. Louis on an extended journey through wine country on the West Coast.  The expedition will begin in the middle of April and you can follow it here as I will be writing extensively about the experience.

Thank you to every member of the St. Louis wine industry.  Our conversations over the wines we’ve tasted together have provided unforgettable experiences and have nurtured my understanding.  Thanks in particular to those I have studied with in tasting groups.  Keep up the good work!

I am proud to have served wonderful customers at Cafe Napoli, Remy’s and The Wine Merchant.  I thank you for your patronage and for the opportunity to help you choose your wines.  Extra thanks to those who attended my classes.

I do not know the outcome of this journey – it may well end with a return home.  If that is the case, then I will have settled in a vibrant wine community.

Thank you all.



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